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Celebrate The Seasons

Hello Wild Hearts!

Here at Wild Moon Rising we love living by the seasons - feeling inspired by the turning of the wheel, noticing the changes of the land with great anticipation, dancing in the colours of each new season.

I can feel it... the slanted, golden sunlight... the slight chill in the air....

Autumn is on the way!

Let's welcome her with open arms and joyful hearts!

Starting today's blog, in the same way we start all our Circles, with an Oracle Card.

Inspiration from The Goddess Dream Deck.

Begin now... I am ready to live my life to its full potential.

And that is exactly what Autumn means to us - celebrating & feeling inspired by the beautiful abundance of the year that we have just had.


If you feel the call to connect and welcome this new season - why not join us on Thursday Evening for our Autumn Equinox Celebration?

Thursday 24th September



The Autumn Equinox is the time when the day & night are in perfect balance. A time to ground and centre yourself... A time to create harmony... A moment to stop, reflect and harvest the memories you have created this year.

During our Seasonal Celebration circle we will meditate, journal, learn sacred chants, share practical ritual ideas, deep dive into poetry & connect with seasonally-inspired crystals.

Balancing dark and light
Balancing strength and might
Peace on earth is our birth right

So, connect to your inner goddess & 'begin now' - grab your journal, your drum (if you have one!) and join us this Thursday evening!

Autumn Blessings,

Hannah & Jooles xxx

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