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July - Love Nurtures - Welcome to Wild Moon Rising

Hello Wild Hearts!

Grab a cup of tea, find a sunny spot, take a deep breathe & get lost in our first blog post here at Wild Moon Rising!

A warm and open hearted welcome to Wild Moon Rising - for those of you who don't know us, Wild Moon Rising is a collaboration between us two Soul-Sisters Hannah and Jooles! We met on a Sound Healing Workshop at the beginning of 2020 and both have a passion for energy healing, share a deep connection with nature and feel a strong calling to live by the phases of the moon. Friends and kindred-spirits, we welcome you to join our tribe, grow with us & share our sacred space here at Wild Moon Rising!

As we are part of The Wild Woman Project - we would like to start our first ever blog with this July's New Moon in Cancer intention:

"Love, like water, is ancient, ever moving, ever changing form. Love, like water, is inside and all around us. Love, like water, is most essential, To our bodies and to our Souls. Love carries, as the water does, the prayers and tears of all who have walked this Earth, Helping us to remember: We are home. This Moon Cycle, we will focus on the dimension of love which nurtures." - Chris Maddox

And offer you an Oracle Card from The Soulful Woman deck by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers...

The Power Of Support seems so appropriate to be the first card of our first blog as that is what we are all about!

Let this card resonate with you - take a moment to look at the colours, the image, the affirmation. What part of the card stood out for you the first time you looked at it?

Be grateful to all those who have been part of your journey. Let there positive love, light, wisdom, encouragement and energy nourish your soul.


As we welcomed the watery emotional energies of July's Moon ruled New Moon in Cancer we connected with the sensitive, natural nurturer energies.

A time to nurture home and family & a time to create a safe space to home our ebbing and flowing emotions.

Here are a few of our Watery New Moon Self Care Rituals:

  • Take a bath filled with petals and your favourite oils.

  • Or a foot bath is a real act of self care as it is something that we don’t normally do - fill a bowl with warm water, rose petals and your favourite scents. Have a towel to hand and some lovely moisturiser to rub in afterwards giving yourself a foot massage.

  • Next time you are in the shower, imagine the water that is falling down on you is golden… replenishing every thirsty cell in the body with glittering new energy.

  • Keep a refillable bottle of water near by to track your water intake… remembering to drink it mindfully, express gratitude for the water that is about to nourish your body.


Our New Moon Song...

Take a moment to plug your headphones in and feel cocooned in the lyrics & melodies...


Thank you so much Wild Hearts for sharing this sacred online space with us!

If you feel the call to join us in circle - our Autumn Membership is now OPEN!

The autumn season memberships follow the next 3 lunar cycles through the moonths of September, October & November.

If you sign up now this August you will receive 👇🏼

  • Access to Wild Heart Shares

  • Seasonal journal prompts dropped to your inbox on the new moon

  • Our moonthly newsletter dropped to your inbox on the full moon

  • A recorded new moon meditation for Wild Moon and Wild Path Members

  • A full moon meditation for Wild Moon Members

We have chosen to offer our circles as part of a membership because a closed group gathers energy, allows you to feel more comfortable and offers space for you to really unfold, speak your truth, trust your sisterhood and connect to your higher self !


Hands at your back!

Jooles & Hannah

Wild Moon Rising

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