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Journey with us Wild Hearts...

A moon circle is a sacred gathering of women, who usually come together around the time of the new and full moon. 


These circles will draw upon many traditions and are not associated with any particular path or religion, however nature, the moon and the beautiful earth that we walk on is our inspiration.


We provide a sacred, non-judgemental space for women to gather, be heard and join with kindred souls to set intentions ahead of the new cycle, plant the seeds of inspiration, journal, meditate and share from the heart. We pride ourselves on cultivating an authentic space where you can feel connected to the truest version of yourself. Our circles are not only a space for ritual, they are a space for building a community.

Each circle we meet live on online together, a chance to gather in circle from anywhere in the world! Our circles are not recorded to maintain a sacred space for all of our sisters in circle!  Gathering together live online brings a cosy and immersive experience and a chance to get to know each other!


At each circle there will be a guided meditation, oracle card readings, in depth discussions, poetry, inspiration from the earth & stars and an opportunity for you to share - if you feel the call to do so. 


The new moon circle is a time to be still and set new intentions for the month ahead - a time of new beginnings, a fresh start, to start new projects, to manifest dreams and to sow seeds of inspiration. We call upon the zodiac signs of each lunar cycle to inspire our connection to Mother Earth as well as honouring the elements of the season ahead. 

Our full moon circles are a time of letting go, releasing what is no longer serving you, a time to review, reset and recharge ahead of the big cosmic sigh! Just like at the New Moon, these Full Moon Circles will be filled with inspiration from nature, astrology, poetry, quotes and healing sounds. A time to invest in yourself with a heart-warming connection to sisterhood and meditation.

All our circles are held on Zoom - this is the perfect platform for us to connect face-to-face even though we might be from all over our beautiful planet. We keep our circles small therefore honouring a state of deep connection between every sister you journey with. Our small circles meet at the same time and same place each month to gather a vibrant, inspiring, compassionate energy - creating a true heart-to-heart connection is what we are all about here at Wild Moon Rising. We can’t wait for you to be part of the journey. 


All you need to join us in circle is a cosy space in your own home - somewhere you can close the door behind you, really unfold and take time for you! Maybe gather blankets & pillows around and make sure you can melt into our beautiful meditations. Essential items for each circle include a journal & a pen - to capture your intentions and inspiration. 


Every time we meet in circle it is a truly unique experience -  as trained Wild Woman Project Circle Leaders we draw upon nature & astrology to inspire you, re-wild you and make you feel more connected to your place here on our beautiful planet.

Image by Sanni Sahil

"Jooles has the rare ability to hold a space, hold a circle without placing herself at the centre of it. She creates a beautiful, safe space for others to share and work within, offering support, guidance and love. Circles with Jooles are always an honour and a blessing."

 - Maya

Image by Ryan Hutton

Journey with us through the moon cycles, find your sisterhood & create your own sacred space.

Image by Ryan Hutton

Gather with us to feel more connected with Mother Earth & welcome in the new seasons.

Our events are not associated with a singular path or religion and are open to all women and those that identify as women (18+)

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