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Cosy Christmas Celebrations

Hello Wild Hearts!

December has arrived... Dark nights, family celebrations, mulled wine, a time for turning inwards, a celebration of light. Fire sides and fairy lights. Deck the tree in years of memories. Hibernation is acceptable, nature is dormant. Rosy cheeks, faithful winter boots topped with your favourite scarf.

All those tiny rituals we return to as mid-winter whispers.

The winter solstice is on the horizon too - that welcome balance of light & darkness will tip the scales once again. A promise of a fresh start with a breath of fresh air!

We invite you to join us on Wednesday 22nd December for a magical evening of Winter Solstice Celebrations...

Embrace the darkness, pause, create stillness, await the arrival of the sun and rest this midwinter ahead of the new year and the birth of new light.

It is a time of coming together, of sharing, and appreciation of all we have. It is also a celebration of our connectedness - to our family and friends, and to the Earth and her cycles.

Expect an evening of songs, healing sounds, meditations, journaling, folklore, intention setting & Solstice celebrations.

We will delicately underpin these celebrations and meditations with healing sounds. From the mystical sounds of the Koshi chimes, to the grounding vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls and the empowering beat of the frame drum.

Sound healing has an abundance of benefits - it clears the mind, aids better sleep & even helps dissolve physical pains. It’s an anchor to the here & now during meditations and soothes the soul.

To help you really get in the yuletide spirit - we have created you a magical Solstice Inspired playlist too! Grab your headphones & dive in here...

I think that is all for now Wild Hearts!

We wish you bright, magical & festive blessings from Wild Moon Rising.

Jooles & Hannah


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