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Lunar Living

As the moon waxes and wanes, becomes new and full, this is an opportunity to delve deeper into the ebb and flow and waxing and waning of our own lives. The full moon represents completion and abundance and we practice gratitude at the full moon. The moon is seen as a symbol of the feminine, highlighting the ebb and flow of life and as we develop a relationship with the moon, it teaches us about our own feminine nature.

"Magical moon, shine your mysterious light into my heart. Soothe my mind. Opening it to the mysteries of life " - Stella Tomlinson

Intentions are set in the darkness of the new moon. The new moon resembles a new beginning and with this newness we can start afresh using our creativity and intuition to guide our intentions. The new moon is a time to pause and as the light from the new moon begins to grow and reach fullness, so do our dreams. The new moon is a good time to start new projects and become clearer about our goals.

“The secret to making wishes or setting intentions is to ensure that they come from the heart, and that you feel them as if they’ve already happened.” - Yasmin Boland - Moonology

As the moon gradually gets brighter this illuminates our intentions, so with the waxing moon we can reach our potential, our dreams and our manifestations. And as the moon becomes full, this is a time to pause again and revisit our intentions, what came to fruition, what did we achieve and is there anything we need to let go of or release? It is also a time to begin a gratitude journal, listing all the things that you have been grateful for this month.

“I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude” - Brene Brown

If you feel the call to join us, our Winter season memberships are now open to book and we have just a few places available. Please claim your seat in circle HERE.

The winter season memberships follow the next 3 lunar cycles through the moonths of December, January and February and we have loved connecting with a wonderful group of wild women over the last season, it has been full of nurturing, heart centred and loving energy!

We have two memberships to choose from – The Wild Path Membership & The Wild Moon Membership 💜 The Wild Moon membership is £60 for 3 lunar cycles and The Wild Path is £37.50 for 3 lunar cycles. If you would like to journey with us this winter through the next 3 lunar cycles it would be an honour to have you join us ✨

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