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Step Into Spring

I'm writing this little blog post on a sunny, bright February morning - sat in a sunbeam. Breathing in the crips fresh air through the crack in the window. To my left, a burst of bright tulips are clumsily dancing over the edge of their verse.

I can feel the earth humming around me, bursting with possibilities and awakening - stretching its first precious shoots to the sky.

The energy of the sun is singing to me!

Its time to slowly unfurl Wild Hearts - opening ourselves up to the new season ahead...

Our Springtime Memberships have opened TODAY! Me and Jooles always do a little happy dance when our doors open again - welcoming sisters new & familiar to create magic each new and full moon.

We have created a sisterhood & membership you can deeply connect to. Each of our Moon Circles are limited to 12 seats - so everyone has space to really unfold, speak your truth, trust your sisterhood and connect to your highest self.

We have two memberships to choose from – The Wild Path Membership & The Wild Moon Membership.

The Wild Moon Membership includes an invite to both the New Moon and Full Moon circles and The Wild Path Membership includes an invite to the New Moon circles only.

We have two New Moons Circles happening each lunar month. Jooles will be holding her New Moon circles on Sunday evenings and I (Hannah) will be holding my New Moon circles on Thursday evenings so you can choose which fits best with your own calendar.

So, what do we do in New & Full Moon Circles?

Meditation, journaling, intention setting... Me & Jooles are both qualified Sound Practitioners so love to weave Healing Sounds of the Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Chimes & Drums throughout our circles.

We feel deeply connected to nature, lunar living, crystals, oracle cards and poetry.

Our circles are mainly candlelit - a symbol of fire - to remember the spark of wildish nature we all have within us.

These circles will draw upon many traditions and are not associated with any particular path or religion, however nature, the moon and the beautiful earth that we walk on is our inspiration. We provide a sacred, non-judgemental space for women to gather, be heard and join with kindred souls to set intentions ahead of the new cycle, plant the seeds of inspiration, journal, meditate and share from the heart. We pride ourselves on cultivating an authentic space where you can feel connected to the truest version of yourself. Our circles are not only a space for ritual, they are a space for building a community.

We host a seasonal book club too - our past-reads have included Circe by Madeline Miller, Burning Woman by Lucy Pearce, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert & If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie. We love hearing the world from wise, wildish women!

We also keep the connection going after circle too - each month you will receive our Wild Hearts Moonthly, a downloadable newsletter full of inspiration, journal prompts & moon musings. You will also become part of our Wild Heart Shares Mighty Network which is hosted on a platform not associated with social media, so you can keep in touch and share inspiration with your sisterhood in a safe & sacred space!

It would be an absolute HONOUR for you to join us this winter Wild Hearts!

Hands at your back,

Hannah & Jooles

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