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The Joy Of Drumming

Mother I feel you under my feet...

Mother I feel your heart beat...

I always leave our Wild Moon Rising drumming circle with a face that is sore from singing & laughter! There's no greater feeling than the pulse created from a group of connected soul-sisters beating themselves back to their true nature.

Our drumming circles are inspired by the elements:

Drumming to the Earth grounds us in the present moment, connecting the the rhythm of Water allows us to flow & let go. Tapping into the element of Air helps us speak our truth and allowing the pulse of Fire to move through us sparks our creativity & confidence.

When we drum, magic happens and the drum becomes our teacher. It awakens our senses…

Our drumming circles are also a sacred space, an openhearted space & most importantly a safe space. We step out of judgement into a place of deep compassion & joy. You don't need to be a singer, musical or even have any rhythm to join our Elements Drumming Circle -the BEST thing about being online is no one can hear you! But you can still FEEL the beats you create!

Each Elements Drumming Circle starts with a grounding meditation. We then weave in beautiful & sacred chants, poetry, affirmations, chakra drumming & the history of the drum. We hope you leave our circle with a full, inspired & empowered heart.

What do you want to take from this evening of drumming?

Maybe it is to deepen your connection with your drum?

Maybe it is to deepen your connection to your inner wild woman?

Maybe it is to deepen your connection to nature as you drum with the heartbeat of the earth?

Maybe it is to gift yourself some time to nurture and nourish yourself?

Goddess Dream Oracle by Wendy Andrew

Here is one of the chants we love to sing:

If you feel the call to join us at our next Elements Drumming Circle please claim your seat in circle HERE.

Jooles & Hannah invite you to an evening of Wild Moon Drumming - calling upon the elements, singing from the soul & connecting to abundant Mother Earth.

Expect an hour of healing chants, sacred drumming and grounding meditations.

Please bring your own drums & shakers. If you don't have your own - please drop us a message and we can recommend where & what to buy!

"Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my breathe

And Fire my spirit..."


Thursday 2nd September

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Please book your place in advance as there are limited spaces available

18+ event


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