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Wild Summer Rituals

Namaste Wild Hearts,

Here's our little guide to a few Summer Rituals to help deepen your connection to Mother Earth & re-wild your soul. As the Summer days stretch out infront of us - take time to make time for yourself. Summer is a time of abundance, so use these simple acts of self care & stillness to honour the bursting energies of these long, hot days.

Bring the outside inside...

Take a mindful walk and bring back a gift from the Earth as a reminder to stay in peaceful presences and gratitude with the season. This could simply be plucking a wild rose petal from a hedgerow or pressing a red clover flower in your diary. Always ask permission from the plant & never take more than you need. Choose the plant you are most drawn to & head home and do a little research on it's healing properties or spiritual messages.

Create a summertime altar...

If you want to keep your holiday energy flowing - why not dedicate your meditation space to your holiday. Place crystals on your altar that remind you of the colour of the sea or choose your favourite holiday photograph and frame it. Why not write yourself a postcard filled with your intentions for the rest of summer?

Salute to the sun...

Start one of your days with a round of Sun Salutations. Yoga is the perfect exercise to melt the busy thinking mind into the body. Stretch, breathe and greet the day with gratitude. There are so many wonderful FREE yoga classes to take online or if you need a little accountability - why not head to a local class.

Meditate with Citrine...

Holding a chunk of citrine is like capturing the warmth of the sun in the palms of your hands. Let the sunshine pour in & soak in the spiritual version of Vitamin D! Hold the crystal over your stomach which is the location of your solar plexus and gently recite the mantra "I let the light in..." Let the affirmation pulse through your mind and notice how it physically makes you feel.

Check in with your Tarot deck...

Shuffle your deck holding the intuition in mind for this reading to bring you love, light and inspiration. This three card pull will illuminate your higher self to shine bright over the seasons.

  1. What do I need to be grateful for?

  2. What magic will I make this season?

  3. How can I activate my inner light?

Journal what comes up for you & even add your cards to your altar space.

Walk like your feet are kissing the earth...

Take off your shoes & soak up the grounding, nurturing energies of Mother Earth. Find a wildflower field or the edge of a woodland. Stand as if you are planting yourself into the ground. Close your eyes & breathe... Imagine you have roots diving & twisting into the earth. Bring to mind all the beautiful lessons that the earth can teach us; how to be strong, how to be reliable, how to be nurturing. Imagine the earth is recharging all your cells & re-wilding your soul.

We hope these simple rituals bring you a slice of sunshine this summertime. If you enjoyed reading & connecting with them - please let us know!

Here at Wild Moon Rising we love nothing more than a sacred ritual & this is what are gatherings are all about.

We have so many lovely events planned for the Autumn - why not head over to our website to book your space. We provide a sacred, non-judgemental space for women to gather, be heard and join with kindred souls to set intentions ahead of the new cycle, plant the seeds of inspiration, journal, meditate and share from the heart. We pride ourselves on cultivating an authentic space where you can feel connected to the truest version of yourself. Our circles are not only a space for ritual, they are a space for building a community.

Hands at your back Wild Hearts,

Jooles & Hannah x

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